Our Beliefs & Values
Each plant possesses a distinct energy or life essence. When we harvest a plant we offer our gratitude and prayer in exchange, honoring the plant's essential nature and character. This simple concept is the heart of our company since it’s inception in 2002.
We approach the plants we grow and gather with care, respect and reverence. We gather our herbs much like indigenous groups, growing, gathering and harvesting with intent and love for our mother Earth.
In Joy is a value based organization, striving to conduct business in an ethical and enlightened manner that respects nature’s vibrant beauty. This is the foundation for how we define success.
Attention to detail is the cornerstone of our relationship with plants, leading to a deeper understanding of their uses, relationships with human beings and their place in our ecosystem.
We believe in the potent medicinal aspects of plants. We want to bring those medicinal qualities to you in the most pure and essential form.
From harvesting to bottling, our products are minimally processed in a sustainable way, our contribution to a vibrant future.