Our Difference
We grow, gather & process our herbs as a farmer gathers crops; each in its own season, in balance and harmony with nature. Sometimes they are harvested with a song and always with a prayer of gratitude. Honoring the cycles of nature and working in harmony with the plants we use allows us to offer you the highest quality product.
Once harvested, the plants are carefully dried without the use of artifical drying agents. The medicinal properties of the plant are gently infused into a base of organic olive oil by the power of the sun (Winter requires a slow, diligent warming on an induction range). This maximizes the medicinal properties of the plant.
We then lovingly craft small batches of oils, lotions, creams and liniments to ensure the quality and integrity of our products. We mix our ingredients the old fashioned way, by hand, in small batches, adding our own healing intentions to every step of the process.