In Joy is privileged to be part of your daily self care ritual. We are confident that you will find joy in using our gentle and effective products. But don't take our word for it! Here is what our clients are saying about In Joy Botanicals.

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Submitted by Stephen S. Anderson.
I met amanda and her two daughters on a flight from Denver to Los Angeles. Initially I was not pleased to be sitting next to two small children, however, 30 minutes into the flight, their mother turned to me and asked how my day was going.

We began to talk, I warmed to her children, and we discussed not only her botanical business, but my own years-old maladies - primarily with nerve and muscle atrophy. Amanda produced a bottle of St. Johns Wart oil, rubbed it into my hand - and now I use this on a daily basis.

Fate was kind to me that day - my hands, arms, and shoulders feel better, and I am not having to use serious 'drugs' to achieve relief from pain and cramping. Thank you.

Now In Joy's Calendula Baby Cream is the only facial moisturizer I use. Thank you.

Stephen S. Anderson.
Submitted by Amanda Lilikoi
I was given a jar of In Joy's Calendula Baby Cream and it has changed the way I use lotion. I have dry skin and always need a facial lotion after showering. Previously I was using a popular brand from the health food store and sometimes I'd have to apply it twice if my skin was really dry. I liked the texture but when I read the ingredients label it made me wonder what propylene glycol is and why it is included in my lotion.

When I first started using the in Joy lotion I wasn't used to the consistency because it is more liquid than other lotions I've used, but I noticed that my skin seemed to "drink it up" and stay moisturized for many many hours. When i apply the lotion my face looks a little shiny, but I use it at night and in the morning my skin is still moist and soft. I've also noticed that my skin doesn't break out as often anymore and I no longer have dry skin around my eyebrows. I really like knowing that all the ingredients in my In Joy cream are natural and could be found in my kitchen. It feels like "food for my face" and I like the smell.

Now In Joy's Calendula Baby Cream is the only facial moisturizer I use.

Amanda Lilikoi