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Baby Cream
Healthy Baby, Happy Baby
Apply liberally all over baby’s body and massage toward the heart, with love. Use for diaper rash, with diapers off, dry skin, eczema, and general massage to promote circulation, digestion, lymphatic flow and a happy touch fulfilled baby.

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Body Lotion
Sunshine in a Bottle
A daily whole body lotion for even the most sensitive of skin. Provides a protective, hydrating barrier and aids in healing of scarred tissue, eczema, minor burns, skin funguses and prevention of stretch marks and wrinkles.*

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Hands Cream
The Gardener's Helper
A thick, rich cream for use whenever skin is rough, dry or cracked. Especially recommended for feet and hands.

Healing Hands Cream
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The Green Lady
Mugwort has traditionally been used by California native indians for colds, colic, bronchitis, fever, and suppressed menstruation. When massaged around ears, neck, chest and abdomen, our lotion and liniment is useful in stimulating discharge of mucous and stagnation in the respiratory, reproductive and digestive systems. It also aids in healing of sprains, hyperextensions and bruises. Not to be used during pregnancy.

Mugwort Lotion
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St. John's Wort
Pillow for Your Nerves
Also known as St John’s Grass, this plant has a rich history of anti-inflamitory uses in South America, North America and in Europe. Traditionally it has been effective in external use for easing the pain of sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, varicose veins, swollen breasts, wounds, hard tumors and sunburn. When used everyday or often, it has a history of healing damaged nerve and muscle tissue, bruises and hemorrhoids.

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